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While the GTS premises were designed to accommodate the ever changing face of GTS and their continually growing fleet they also had another facet they wanted to achieve. GTS designed, constructed and fitted their new premises in close liaison with EPA Victoria. This measure was taken to ensure that GTS was at the forefront of environmental awareness within their workplace and the relationship between GTS and EPA Victoria is still going strong. The most recent being the completion of a case study along with a letter of commendation from the former State Minister for Water, Environment and Climate Change, John Thwaites.

Areas of approach with regard to environment are:

  • Bunded fueling point and lubricant storage (new and used).
  • Synthetic oils to extend service life (also reducing consumption and waste) as well as reducing emissions
  • Filter crushing to extract all fluids and reduce impact on land fill
  • Tyre re-cap program
  • Filtration and reticulation of vehicle wash water
  • Re-cycling of office and industrial waste
  • Ongoing analysis of all vehicle fluids to assist assessment and decision making regarding service intervals, usability of used fluids and early detection of issues.
  • Integrated service and maintenance scheduling along with accurate fuel consumption data (by vehicle) to identify faults and allow for timely rectification.
  • Dust Free environment and specially designed awnings to allow for the protection of loads from the sun and staff comfort in unloading trucks .


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